"Em  Krützche"

Historische Gasthaus am Rhein


Ab 19.Oktober 2019 gibt es wieder ofenfrische Hafermastgänse am Tisch tranchiert

The "Em Krützche" restaurant is an indispensable part of the "gastronomic gateway to the Old Town" in Cologne and is based on the conviction of the hospitable scene in the cathedral city. Since 1589, documented, At the Frankenturm 3 in the restaurant "Em Krützche" Hospitality is maintained and maintained. The name "Krützche" owes the house to an old shrine, which was formerly attached to the old city wall.

With traditional and seasonal dishes we spoil our regular guests and international audience for almost 40 years.

From 11 people we ask for contact

Tel. + 49-221-2580839 or via e-mail info@em-kruetzche.de

Our company is a member of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA)

The German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) is the industry association of hoteliers and restaurateurs in Germany. Behind the DEHOGA is with the hospitality industry a strong piece of medium-sized business:

More than one million employees and almost 90,000 trainees in more than 230,000 companies generate annual net sales of just under € 60 billion.